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JAE 78:1 Spring 2024


March 25, 2024
Theme Editors
Aya Musmar
The University of Petra
Nishat Awan
UCL (Urban Lab)
Menna Agha
Carleton University
Ozayr Saloojee
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario
March 25, 2024
Current and Past Issues
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“Toward a World of All Power to All People” 
Nora Wendl
Aya Musmar, Nishat Awan, and Menna Agha
Catastrophe & Belief
Audre Lorde & The Allama on the Way 
Mustafa Faruki; theLab-lab
In Conversation with Yara Sharif
Aya Musmar
Umm Kamel’s Affair How Infidelity Liberated the Night Sky in Jabal ‘Amil
Mohamad Nahleh
Roaming Therapeutic and Design Practices for Indigenous Healing 
Janet McGaw, Alasdair Vance, Uncle Herb Patten, and Saran Kim
To Know No Nation Will Be Home Until One Does 
Aya Musmar, Nishat Awan, Menna Agha, and Ozayr Saloojee
Shahzia Sikander
Resolution & Ephemerality
Prologue for a “Weak” Decolonization and Otherness as Projectual Strategies to Approach the Understanding of a Foggy Imaginary in the Biobío Delta
Patricio Ortega and Claudio Araneda
SEA and the Painted Shadow
Nicholas Coetzer
Negotiating with the Collective Ear
Jess Myers
Placeholders Leaving Space for New Subjects and Individuated Agencies
Suzanne Lettieri
I Am or Am I Not My Own Enemy
Shahzia Sikander
Refuge & Relation
Ecstatic Ecopedagogies Karachi
Shahana Rajani and Zahra Malkani
Woman, Water, Freedom Climate Justice, Women’s Liberation, and Territorial Sovereignty in Iran-Iraq Borderlands
Ghazal Jafari
Embodied Infrastructures Rehearsing an “Otherwise” Political Future
Jilly Traganou
In Conversation with Olivier Marboeuf
Menna Agha
A Slight and Pleasing Dislocation
Shahzia Sikander
Heartbeats & Drumbeats
Tammy Gaber
The Last Post
Shahzia Sikander
Making & Unmaking
Bad Built-Ins Extracurricular Activism Within and Without
Sophie Juneau
Teaching Not To “Stop Building” as a Brief for the Architecture School of the Present
Charlotte Malterre-Barthes
The Indian Delights Cookbook ‘Infidel’ Treatise for ‘Soft’ Spatial Practices
Amina Kaskar
Majesty Palm
Brittany Utting & Daniel Jacobs
Knowing & Un-Knowing
Architecture’s Affective Imaginaries
Kai Wood Mah & Patrick Lynn Rivers
Notes on Acting Up Collage and Quilting as Pedagogy
Curry Hackett
Murat Palta
Murat Palta
(Im)precision & (Un)Learning
Auto-Infidelities A Guest at Home and Beyond
Nazlı Tümerdem
Faithful Infidelities: 3D Scanning, Speculative Fictions, and Hot-pot Politics for Chinatown, Toronto
Peter Sealy & Linda Zhang
Some Protocols for Beauty
Mustafa Faruki
I Am the Unlucky Lover
Mustafa Faruki