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Prologue for a “Weak”
Decolonization and Otherness as Projectual Strategies to Approach the Understanding of a Foggy Imaginary in the Biobío Delta
Patricio Ortega and Claudio Araneda
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This essay offers the first graphic arguments as a prologue to identify a “weak”: a neologism proposed to classify a moment in the Biobío River delta that the authors see as the architectural antithesis to the military fortifications that have historically categorized this body of water as a border, a word that has been rooted in the Chilean colonial national imaginary fundamental to our identity. Methodologically, the authors use graphics to explore the possibilities of a photographic disarticulation of this space, and the creation of alternative imaginaries with the aid of artificial intelligence, giving way to a new “misty” artifact that positions itself against the projective arguments of the established architectural narrative.

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