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JAE 72:1 Spring 2018

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March 20, 2018
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March 20, 2018
Current and Past Issues
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The Project of Projecting
Carolina Dayer
The Evolving Project
Marc J. Neveu
Design as Scholarship
Yasser Megahed & Adam Sharr
Bending Bamboo Rules
Kristof Crolla
Autonomy and Automation in the Architectural Project
Rodrigo Delso Gutiérrez & Javier Argota Sánchez-Vaquerizo
The Garden of Earthly Delights
María Fullaondo & Joseph Gauci-Seddon
Organic Urbanism via Collective Site Appropriation
Arturo Frediani & Rafael Gómez-Moriana
Disrupt/Displace: Translating Territory
Shelby Doyle & Leslie Forehand
Oteiza's Chalk Laboratory as Architecture Discovery
Antonio Juárez & Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno
Experimental Architecture for Homeless Self-Housing
Yael Allweil
In Memoriam
Diane Lewis: Reader of Urbanity
Nader Tehrani
Discursive Image
A Romance of Many Dimensions
CJ Lim
On Process-Based Drawings
Viola Ago
(Field) Office
Robert K. Alexander
The Post Office
Kelly Bair & Kristy Balliet
[Housing] Destruction
Germane Barnes
Nikole Bouchard
Manufacturing Sceneries: The Boating Lake
Peter Alexander Bullough
City of Architectural Fiction
Alexander Eisenschmidt
The Two-Dimensional Orthographic Projection of a Semicircle onto an Epicycle of Cones
Mark Ericson
From Scratch… to Scratched-Out: An Alternative History of Kampgrounds of America
Martin Hogue
Field of Plans/Sections—UCLA Chiller Plant with Cogeneration
Wes Jones
Millions of Hours
Rachel Hurst
Google-y Eyes: The Northumberland Remix
Brian M. Kelly
Aesthetics of Ruins
Hamed Khosravi
Giorgos Kyriazis & Sofia Stylianou
Creative Commons
Lluis J. Liñán
The Analogue as a Critical Project
Cameron McEwan
Behind the Seams: Sequence + Infrastructure
Maggie McManus
Balloon Framing
Anthony Viscardi
Bubble Box Eat & Watch
Jonathon Brearley
Urban Renewal Through Granularized Utility Generation
Ying Qi Chen
A Post-Truth Manifesto
Aren Edwards
Island of Living Tales
Will Fu
The Great Divide: Citizen Science in the Anthropocene at the Columbia Icefield
Andrej Iwanski
Inter-Species Scaffold
Cameron Parkin
The Centre for Arctic Preservation and the Running Melt
Evan Taylor
Carolina Dayer
Complexity in Disguise
Clare Lyster
Continuous Intervention
Jacob Mans
Multidimensional Space: -X, X -Y, Y -Z, Z
Aaron Sprecher
Figuring a Project
Sara Stevens
Tricia Stuth
Judging a Book by its Cover
Georgeen Theodore
Subtlety as Engagement
Neyran Turan