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Giorgos Kyriazis & Sofia Stylianou
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DWG X KOSMOS XENIOS was an intense design workshop, realized during the European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA) 2017 Finding the Framework: Hospitality in Fredericia, Denmark. During this workshop, which included a series of theoretical lectures, discussions, and drawing exercises, architects Giorgos Kyriazis, Sofia Stylianou, and 10 students addressed the theme of hospitality by redefining notions of drawing and image in our contemporary society and creating a 6.5-by-10-foot drawing. Reflecting on a binary opposition—utopia/dystopia—the drawing shows two different realities that can exist autonomously or simultaneously. An interpretation of the notions of hospitality and inhospitality are represented, respectively, on the right and left sides of the drawing. Each partition is arranged as a three-hour timeline, with the bottom center drawings representing 12:00 to 03:00. In addition, the drawing is composed of two parts: a frame and a central piece. The frame is divided in two series of drawings: sixteen in the outer row and fifty-two in the inner row, with the latter being magnified moments of the former. The drawings depict scenes from both the city and the suburbs, expressing hospitality/inhospitality in diverse everyday patterns of living.

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