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JAE 77:1 Spring 2023


June 16, 2023
Theme Editors
V Mitch McEwen
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
Cruz Garcia
Iowa State University
Ames, IA
Nathalie Frankowski
Iowa State University
June 16, 2023
Current and Past Issues
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A Dilemma of Inheritance
Nora Wendl
V. Mitch McEwen, Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski
Dream The Combine, Masks, Minneapolis, 2020
Jennifer Newsom & Tom Carruthers
Futurisms and Other Systems
Black Quantum Futurism: in Conversation with Rasheedah Phillips
Rasheedah Phillips
Holding the Future: In Conversation with Rasheedah Phillips
V. Mitch McEwen & Cruz Garcia
“Soul and T-Square”: An Architectural Reparations for Watts
Rebecca Choi
Conservation as Reparations: The Refuting Power of the Julius Rosenwald Schools
Gorham Bird
On Reparations and the Possibility of Other Systems: In Conversation with Mabel O. Wilson
Nathalie Frankowski & Cruz Garcia
Toward Reparative Design Pedagogies: Futuring Green Infrastructures with Youth in the Black Belt South
Lily Song
Spatializing Reparations: Mapping Reparative Futures
Danika Cooper
Economies and Circuits of Repair: On Reparative Justice Within/Beyond the State - In Conversation with Jovan Scott Lewis
Desirée Valadares
Dream the Combine, Shadow, Minneapolis, 2022
Jennifer Newsom & Tom Carruthers
Bad Bodies, Bad Lands
Bad Bodies: Unearthing Belonging and Dispossession of Muslim Diaspora in the US Burial Landscape
Samiha Meem
Lessons from the Black Indigenous Atlantic: Land and Collective Repair (Open Access)
Thabisile Griffin
How to Establish Value: In Conversation with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
V. Mitch McEwen & Cruz Garcia
Seeking Redress: A History of Little Tokyo’s San Pedro Firm Building (Open Access)
Nate Imai & Matthew Okazaki
Fugitive Practice
Jerome W. Haferd & Curry J. Hackett
To Enter the Crater: In Conversation with Sean Connelly
Cruz Garcia
Riotous Repertoire
Riotous Repertoire
Jovan Scott Lewis
The Smallest Twine May Lead Me
Joseph Rushmore
Notes Toward a Critical Race Practice of Preservation
Marisa Angell Brown
Trouble with the Word ‘Repair’: In Conversation with Dream The Combine
V. Mitch McEwen & Cruz Garcia
Commentary on the Apocalypse
Joseph Rushmore
Measuring What Matters: The True Cost of St. Louis’s New National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Linda C. Samuels & Bomin Kim
When You are Critical Mass: In Conversation with Tina Campt
V. Mitch McEwen
Guerrilla Maneuvers in Architectural Preservation
Gabriel Cira & Kris Manjapra
Dream The Combine, Burn It Again, Minneapolis, 2022
Jennifer Newsom & Tom Carruthers