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JAE 74:2 Fall 2020


October 21, 2020
Theme Editors
David Theodore
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec
Tanya Southcott
McGill University
October 21, 2020
Current and Past Issues
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How’s the Water?
Marc J. Neveu
Tanya Southcott & David Theodore
Call to Action: ArchiteXX, Now What?!, and Creating New Futures
Lori Brown, Sarah Rafson, Andrea J. Merrett & Roberta Washington
Call to Action: A (Little) Manifesto for Doing Dis/Ability Differently in Architecture
Jos Boys
Call to Action: Unsettling Topographies
Julia Christensen
Call to Action: Other Desires: Other Architectures
Mario Gooden
Call to Action: Inanimate Otherness
Graham Harman
Call to Action: SITE • ED: A Student-as-Site Pedagogy
Emily Wettstein
Scholarship of Design
Solar Systems for the Rural Body: Techno-Environmental Othering in India, ca. 1978
Ateya Khorakiwala
De-Centering Rome: The Politics of Global Architectural History
Adnan Z. Morshed
Development Aid from Socialist Poland: Knowledge Transfer and Education on Tropical Architecture and Planning for Developing Countries
Alicja Gzowska & Piotr Bujas
Constructing Health: Representations of Health and Housing in Charlottesville’s Urban Renewals
Kevan J. Klosterwill, Alissa Ujie Diamond, Barbara Brown Wilson & Jeana Ripple
Technologies of the Virtual Other: Bodies, Users, and Avatars
Galo Canizares
Climatic Design and Its Others: “Southern” Perspectives in the Age of the Anthropocene
Jennifer Ferng, Jiat-Hwee Chang, Erik L’Heureux & Daniel J. Ryan
Decolonizing Prisons
Cathi Ho Schar, Nicole Biewenga & Mark Lombawa
Design as Scholarship
Travels Across Othered Landscapes: Teaching an Architectural History of Difference
Sharóne L. Tomer
Praxxis: Always Personal, Always Political, Always Pedagogical
Helen Aston, Emily Crompton, Sarah Renshaw & Kathryn Timmins
Between Borders and Bodies: Revealing the Architectures of Immigration Detention
Ella den Elzen
All That Is Solid
Ang Li
Micro Narrative
Bruegel’s Cloak: On the Relationship Between Architecture and Subject
Ana Morcillo Pallares
“Nos están matando”: (We Are Being Killed)
Catalina Mejía Moreno
Seeking Other Solidarities
Michael Abrahamson
Tamaššā: To Walk for Pleasure in an Altered (or Othered) Beirut
Elizabeth Martin-Malikian
Shrouded in Dust: The Unseen Labor of African American Cement Workers
Vyta Baselice
Interview with Susan Stryker
Tanya Southcott & David Theodore