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JAE 74:1 Spring 2020


March 17, 2020
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March 17, 2020
Current and Past Issues
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Águas de Março
Marc J. Neveu
Alpa Nawre & Carey Clouse
A Poem Full of Vitamins?: Rebuilding a Lexicon of Drylands Design
Hadley Arnold
The Great Mother of Life
Kate Orff
Black Box | White Palace | #MeToo: Workplace Sexual Assault at the Hands of a Professional Hero
Judi Shade Monk
Scholarship of Design
Beyond Participation: Rethinking Social Design
Gabriel Arboleda
Where Were We?
Danielle Narae Choi
Waters Resist: Modernity, Aridity, and the Fight Over the Orme Dam
Danika Cooper
Design as Scholarship
Imag(e)ing the Urban Water Commons
María Arquero de Alarcón
A Flooded Thirsty World
Rania Ghosn
The Watershed Architecture of the Mekong River Basin: Trans-boundary Actions
Derek Hoeferlin
The Next Urban H2 Order: Fuel-Cell Urbanism
Jonathan A. Scelsa & Jennifer Birkeland
Fluid Territories: Cultivating Common Practices Through the Design of Water Redistribution
Kathy Velikov, Geoffrey Thün
PrepHub Nepal: Disaster Preparedness and Water Security in the Public Realm
Miho Mazereeuw, Aditya Barve, Lizzie Yarina
Public Interest Design, Pragmatism, and Potentials in a Postdiluvian City
Ann Yoachim, Emilie Taylor Welty, Nick Jenisch
Micro Narrative
The Perennial Solidity of Water
Leena Cho
A Splendorous Burden
Priya Jain
After the Flood: Water, Climate Crisis, and Architectural Imagination
Eliyahu Keller, Kelly Leilani Main
Clam Gardens: An Alternative Approach to Coastal Adaptation
Kees Lokman, Karen Tomkins
Ditch Urbanism: Water Infrastructure in the Middle Rio Grande Valley
Emily Vogler, Jesse Vogler
Wetness Is Everywhere: Why Do We See Water Somewhere?
Anuradha Mathur, Dilip da Cunha
Water Commons: A Critical Cartography of the Bille River in Hamburg, Germany
Antje Stokman, Dagmar Pelger
Fluid Thinking for Resilient Livable Cities: An Interview with Herbert Dreiseitl
Alpa Nawre
Allure of Water: An Interview with Steven Holl
Peter Olshavsky
The Changing Climate of Practice: An Interview with Elizabeth Mossop
Alpa Nawre