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JAE 75:2 Fall 2021

building stories

September 23, 2021
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September 23, 2021
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Marc J Neveu
Building Stories
Lisa Findley & Marc J Neveu
Scholarship of Design
Stories for Architectural Imagination
Klaske Havik & Angeliki Sioli
An “Othered” Land Reclamation: Decolonization in Anticipation of Another Great Flood
Arthur Leung
Time is out of Joint: Digital Domesticity and Magical Realism
Luis Hernan & Carolina Ramirez-Figueroa
Frames and Fictions: Designing a Green New Deal Studio Sequence
Billy Fleming
More Lasting than the Effects Achieved by a Gun: The Cinematic Architecture of Lebbeus Woods
Eliyahu Keller
Projections for the Urban Night: A Film-based Exploration in the Design Studio
Ipek Türeli
Street Fiction: or, Philadelphia Stories
David Leatherbarrow
Building Stories
Chris Ware
Cinderella’s Lost Shoe
Ifigeneia Liangi
Aeolian Spa
Anja Kempa
Apartment #5, a Labyrinth and Repository of Spatial Memories
Clement Luk Laurencio
Chris Cornelius
A Day in the Life of the U.S. Capitol Building: January 6, 2021 in Seven Scenes
Amy Catania Kulper, Lucy Siyao Liu, Matthew Bohne
Design as Scholarship
Elephant in the Room
Rania Ghosn & El Hadi Jazairy
Stories from the Pandemic: A Spatial Survey of Stay-at-home Stress
Amelyn Ng
When Literary Works Act as a Proxy for Architecture
Zahra Safaverdi
As-Built, As It Were
Adam Modesitt & Carrie Norman
Domestic Logistics: Worldbuilding the Home
Andrew Witt
Micro Narrative
Carceral Tales: A Report on Prison Pedagogy
Galo Canizares & Stephanie Sang Delgado
Patty Heyda
Did You Hear That One About Neutra and Williams?: Architectural Spreadability in a Post-Truth Context
Doug Jackson
What’s in a Name?: Etienne-Louis Boullée’s Redesign of the Bibliothèque du Roi, 1780–88
Nicholas Andrew Pacula
Cautionary Tales of a Whacky Kind: On the Uses of a Design Imagination that Avoids Consensus
Dulmini Perera
House on a Washtub-Sized Eminence: Ellis Parker Butler’s Critical Satire of Site-Specificity
Zachary Tate Porter
Mademoiselle Sculpsit: A Backstory
Rebecca Williamson
Reframing stories: A Woman and Her Building at the Dawn of the Mexican Revolution
Tania Gutiérrez-Monroy
Retracted Article: Environmental Communications Looks at the Built, Los Angeles, 1970s
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