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Unsettling Architecture’s Commonsense
Ross Adams, Ivonne Santoyo-Orozco, Olga Touloumi
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In 2021, Bard College launched a new architecture program and we were given the latitude to reimagine and challenge the scope of architectural education within the context of a liberal arts undergraduate program. Free from NAAB accreditation requirements and hosted by an institution that is well known for pedagogical experimentation, the context became ideal to propose a new model for liberal arts education that avoids mimicking the curricular structure of accredited programs. We began by considering the premise of architectural education, especially within the context of a nonprofessional degree. How can architectural education engage the worlds beyond the dominant professional paths? How can the curriculum speak not only to students wishing to enter the professional field, but also to those with no intention of studying architecture? More importantly, how can the immersive context of a small college allow for an architectural education that departs by confronting the structural injustices of an asymmetrically broken world?

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