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In Conversation with
Brahim El Guabli
Ersela Kripa, Francesco Marullo & Stephen Mueller
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A Black and Amazigh Indigenous scholar from Morocco, Brahim El Guabli is an associate professor of Arabic studies and comparative literature at Williams College. His first book is entitled Moroccan Other-Archives: History and Citizenship after State Violence (Fordham University Press, 2023). He’s currently completing a second book entitled Desert Imaginations: Saharanism and Its Discontents (University of California Press, forthcoming). His journal articles have appeared in LA Review of BooksPMLAInterventionsThe Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary InquiryArab Studies Journal, History in AfricaMETA, and the Journal of North African Studies, among others. He is coeditor of the two volumes of Lamalif: A Critical Anthology of Societal Debates in Morocco During the “Years of Lead” (1966–1988) (Liverpool University Press, 2022) and Refiguring Loss: Jews in Maghrebi and Middle Eastern Cultural Production (Pennsylvania State University Press, forthcoming).

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