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Build. No Exceptions.
Billie Faircloth
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Where should we begin? If we are going to wrestle with the role of the built in architecture and architectural pedagogy, then I propose we begin where Howard Davis did: begin with all that is built. I refer to this grouping as a superset. And, as a thought experiment, I intend for us to create a set from it. So, we do need to imagine all the buildings, which, according to Davis, amounts to anywhere between one- and two billion of them. These buildings might be recalled as the blurry backdrop to a lifetime of travel, or a god’s eye view of rural, exurban, and urban buildings pictured through satellite images mosaicked through an interface such as Google Earth. All that is built is, indeed, a large dataset. It is one that we might append with all sorts of metadata to permit the robust study of our terrestrial endeavors. But by whatever means, attempt this thought experiment: mentally amalgamate all the buildings so that we may apply set theory and examine an exceptional set. What do we see?

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