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Another Allegory of Simulation:
On the Virtusphere
Galo Canizares
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In 1943, the aptly named archaeologist, Doris Stone, published a survey of pre-Columbian artifacts found in the jungles of Costa Rica.Footnote1 Among the familiar sculptural objects and such, Stone’s survey included a set of mysterious rock spheres excavated (accidentally) by her father’s fruit company a few years prior. In the following years, over 300 unmarked spheres would be unearthed, the largest measuring roughly 8 feet in diameter. Though their origin remains unknown, in 2014 Stone’s archeological sites were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site emphasizing that the spheres, “whose meaning, use and production remain largely a mystery … are distinctive for their perfection, number, size and density and placement in original locations.”Footnote2

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