1. I’m unsure if my paper is a good fit to submit to the Journal of Architectural Education. Who can I contact about this?

If your paper works within the theme of the current call, you are welcome to submit! This journal is published twice a year, if your paper does not work with the current call’s theme it may be a match for a future call. Please email Julia McKenzie, at jmckenzie@acsa-arch.org if you have concerns about your topic or paper type.

  1. If my submission is accepted and will be published in an issue what are the details of the copyright agreement?

For detailed information about accepted papers and copyright policies please use the links provided, Instructions for Authors and Copyright.

  1. How long should I expect to hear back after my submission? What does the peer review process look like?

The peer review process begins after the current call ends. You can find the end date on the front page of the JAE website. Once the peer review process begins it typically takes 4 months to receive a decision. If you would like more information about the process please refer to the following: What to Expect During Peer Review and Ethics for Authors.

  1. Where can I purchase a hard copy of a JAE Issue?

You can subscribe to the journal or purchase an individual issue! Please use the following links that pertain to you: Individual Issue or Subscription.