Author Guidelines

Nora Wendl
Executive Editor

Marc J.Neveu
Past Executive Editor

Ozayr Saloojee
Associate Editor, Design

Carolina Dyer
Past Associate Editor, Design

David Theodore
Associate Editor, Reviews

Julia McKenzie
Publications Manager

Essay (7,000 words)

Essay manuscripts should be grounded in relevant historical or theoretical discourse, offer an original position, and be supported by appropriate visual and textual primary and secondary sources. These manuscripts are primarily text-based, though images are welcome as they support the text.


Design (1,500 – 3,000 words)

Design manuscripts are project-based, with the author of these manuscripts also being the creator of the subject of the manuscript, or the professor of the studio/pedagogical framework in which the projects were created. These manuscripts are primarily image-based, but please limit the image count to 15.


Narrative (1,500 – 3,000 words)

Narrative manuscripts examine material proto-histories of things that continue to fly below the disciplinary radar, but, without which, architectural practice would be lost. These manuscripts can be accounts of architectural production, overlooked histories, or even plausible fictions with potential for future disciplinary action. The voice of this text may be more direct, it may experiment with point of view, or be written in first person, thereby addressing situated knowledge in the tradition of those authors for whom voice is central.


Image – One image + 150 words

This category acknowledges the long history of images as marking critical turns in architectural discourse. Submissions should include one image with an expanded caption of up to 150 words. Image is defined broadly, including: collage, drawing, photograph of physically modeled or built work, animation, mappings, tracings, provocations and speculations. JAE reserves the right to choose whether the images appear in the print journal or online, based on print issue page limits, fit to theme and other criteria.